Ingenieurbüro Eva Arnold


For complex projects, the application of systems engineering early on in the conceptual phase takes account of all factors, contexts and effects in their entirety. Alongside traditional aspects such as costs and time and performance, clear objectives are addressed in the fields of human-machine interface, interfaces with other devices and (test) systems, system integration, environmental requirements, reliability, maintainability, testability, requirements for verification and acceptance, scope of documentation and risk and change management.

As a result of my years of relevant experience in the development of aircraft avionics, I can take on the role of devil’s advocate if required – scrutinising critical project applications with your cooperation and drawing up alternative solutions with the aim of avoiding costly re-designs during later project phases as well as delays, cost explosion and uncomfortable discussions with contractors and customers.

I offer consultancy and support in the following fields:

  • Project organisation
  • Project management
  • Cost-control and time management
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Definition of verification and acceptance criteria
  • Definition of relevant technical contractual documentation



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