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Even though university courses and certificates are not identical in Spain and Germany, and CVs and study periods also differ from one another, as the technological sector in Spain is of a high standard. Its people fulfil the standards of the top industrialised countries. Typical German virtues such as precision and reliability are in abundance here, too. All regions of Spain are far removed from the cliché of the easy-going Southerner.

I work with local partners and regularly visit Spain myself. We maintain a large portfolio of applicants with engineering qualifications. We personally interview all candidates individually. Certificates and details of work experience are carefully checked and expanded.

Our portfolio includes only applicants who, alongside their specialist qualifications, also have good language skills, a confident personality, a high degree of motivation and a willingness to embrace change. We ensure that our candidates have had all of their important documents translated and officially verified, and that the documents that they receive when they apply are complete and informative.

Finally, we support applicants in gaining skills in the German language and familiarising themselves with their place of residence in Germany. Needless to say, we also look after them at the start of their new life and provide them with any necessary relocation services.



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