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Employees are a company’s true capital – even if their know-how, motivation and work ethic do not appear on any balance sheet. At a time when qualified specialists and managers are scarce, it is especially important to retain qualified employees for the long-term and to create a positive employer brand.

A key aspect of such a brand-building process is the management culture at all decision-making levels. Relevant studies have shown that employees are attracted to businesses, but often leave the company because of their superiors. A significant element of every management task consists of taking into account basic human emotional needs such as being appreciated, opportunities for development and the meaningfulness of one’s work. If managers fail to take this aspect seriously, monetary incentives are often not enough to prevent the exodus of specialists.

Comprehensive ‘employer branding’ releases largely untapped value creation reserves for your business. If you can succeed in building a culture of cooperation within the company and fostering an overlap of external image and internal reality, this will have a significant effect on employee commitment and motivation.

I advise businesses that are endeavouring to make changes to their management culture, with the aim of activating these latent reserves in a way that benefits all parties.



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