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Performance is fostered in an environment where there is motivation and self-confidence. These elements are the result of feedback from others. We all need people to show interest in us along with recognition, constructive criticism, praise and respect.

It is not always easy for managers to lead their staff in such a way that they can apply all their talents, knowledge, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and experience to their everyday work. I support management in its efforts to build communication tools and create a management style that can be perceived as constructive and meaningful by all parties and contributes towards everyone’s development.

In a professional context, as a coach, I assist managers to find the right solution to feasible problems and to achieve realistic targets. In this context, I see coaching as a short-term, resource-based form of support through a change process. Through a focus on practice, I will accompany you through these individually tailored phases:


  • Carry out a detailed analysis and scrutiny of your goal
  • Identify conflicting goals
  • Draw your attention to and critically reflect on your own preconceptions and automatic reactions
  • Develop alternative solutions
  • Scrutinise solutions with regard to their ‘environmental sustainability’
  • Define and introduce measures for change
  • Guide the implementation phase through reflective discussions
  • Checking of results


This structured and solution-oriented process means that you will not feel that you are facing a situation with your hands tied. Frequently occurring conflicts can be handled in a way that is sustainable and unknown routines recognised and changed in a meaningful way.



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